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Ask One More Question

Interview styles differ and then tend to inject the personality of the person conducting the interview, not to mention additional people involved with whom you may also meet and speak and it can be difficult to be prepared for everything. While that may be, there are some predictable patterns in each process, and one that is pretty common is the indication you are nearing the end of the interview.

When they ask, “do you have any other questions?” it’s pretty clear you’re near the end and it’s almost over. You have a final chance to ask any remaining and outstanding questions on your mind – so take advantage of it. But there’s one final question I want you to add to your repertoire at almost every single interview you find yourself a part of and for the rest of your career.

Ask them, “what’s the next step?” That’s all I want you to do, if you are not already doing it. Simple isn’t it, but you’d be surprised at how many people who otherwise perform well during the meeting, only to choke and fail at the end.  You’re simply closing the interview; it’s a sales technique meant to elicit a decision.

Don’t worry, nobody’s going to be mad at you for having interest and asking, although some may display a bit of surprise. That’s because so few people actually do it and, instead, their tepid final parting phrase is a wimpy indecisive, “well … uh um, I hope I hear from you.” That’s a snooze of an exit statement, “yawn, Zzzz….” Sadly, this is what most people say when they part ways; not very memorable, is it? If you’d hoped to set yourself apart and provide a reason for them to choose you instead of the others who utter the same thing – you didn’t succeed.

If you are interested in a job, or at least progressing to the next interview, make your intention and interest clear. Be memorable and be different because hiring managers not only look for those with the right skills and experience but they are also looking for the right can-do attitude.