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Do You Know … What You Don’t Know?

Michael has a track record of conducting exceptional, engaging and highly informative lectures and presentations – he is a keeper of lost knowledge.

Consider this:

Coinciding with the rise of the internet and subsequent social media, too many people have either lost their ability or have never learned how to find a job – relying predominantly upon on line tools. But did you know that many jobs are not posted on line,  jobs out there that you are not even aware of?

Worse yet, most people today lack basic negotiating skills and enter the interview process with a disadvantage. Most interview only when they must and when they do, they are reactive but hardly interactive.

Crossing your fingers and hoping it goes well is not a strategy to seek a job you want.

Review the topics Michael presents to audiences and see how well prepared you are.


  • resume structure/length/content
  • resume mistakes/poor vs. good resume examples

Cover Letters

  • cover letter Do’s and Don’ts
  • the widely versatile benefits and uses of the Feature/Accomplishment/Benefit presentation 

Assembling a “Win”-Book

  • a tool to set yourself apart from others seeking the same job
  • useful for job fairs & assessment centers or simply to make extra impact

Searching For and Pursuing a Job

  • other methods, beyond over-reliance online job sites and social media (i.e. LinkedIn)
  • alert participants to the detrimental effects of social media (Face Book, Twitter, etc.) 
  • go beyond point-and-click

Navigating and Overcoming Obstacles

  • how to handle Gate Keepers (Reception, Admin, HR)
  • how to establish contact with hiring managers and decision makers

Pre-Interview Preparation

  • incorporating a basic pre-interview ritual


  • familiarize yourself with various interview types and how to react and engage in each

Interview Tips

  • increase communication & negotiating tips effectiveness
  • transcending from what for many feels like an interrogation into a business conversation

Soft Skills / Interpersonal Communication Skills

  • discuss the importance of increasingly endangered soft skills
  • tips for not talking too much
  • utilizing silence as a tool

Topic of “Money”

  • when it is proper and advantageous to speak about money and when it is NOT

Utilizing Sales & Closing Techniques

  • effectively applying sales & closing techniques for a better and more decisive result

Trial Closing & Pre-Closing

  • how to effectively monitor and measure your progress during the interview

Interview Follow-Up & Thank You Letters

  • when a Thank You letter is more than thank you and another closing tool

Danger Signs & Red Flags

  • identify trouble-signs during the interview process


  • discuss the various reference types
  • maximizing reference effectiveness 

Handling Job Offers

  • effectively handling both verbal & official job offers

Job Offer Acceptance

  • how to accept a job offer while still protecting your interests
  • leave yourself an escape hatch

After Action Activities

  • properly closing other interview efforts – don’t burn bridges


  • how to prevent a simple thing that can turn into a nightmare
  • how to protect yourself from surprise pitfalls and avoid potential difficulties
Topics are presented with a 160 slide PowerPoint presentation  

Students are provided:

  • F.A.B. personal presentation worksheets and instructions
  • Examples of both bad and good resumes
  • Examples of interview questions
For large groups it is a presentation and for smaller groups (of up to 30) it is a more interactive event


If you would like more information about Michael’s presentations contact him at: