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My 100th Blog Entry

This entry constitutes my 100th blog post and October 19 will mark a year since I began this effort. It is said that it takes about a year for a blog to gain momentum and, indeed, this one has, which is significant considering all the other stuff out there. It demonstrates there are growing numbers of individuals who recognize that the standard practices used to find work are increasingly ineffective, especially if you are a standout individual, a go-getter, to use a term. How can you get noticed if the current hiring regime has no interest in you, at least during the initial stages of most hiring processes? You’ve got to step off the well-worn path, tread upon by legions of others, who aimlessly shuffle along waiting for something or someone to do their thinking for them. Not so, for the followers of this blog.

My efforts are meant to both re-awaken and introduce effective methods to those who want to better influence their own fate. When you rely almost solely upon websites, email and resumes to accomplish something, where are you in that equation? Sorry to use a cliché, but my goal is (re)empowerment of individuals, as in helping others to empower themselves and become more self-reliant. A couple of years ago, I recognized that, as a headhunter, I was only able to actively assist a small group of people. I determined I could help a much wider demographic, with more than 20 years of direct interaction with job seekers and hiring managers and companies, by providing a unique perspective. I know I am not going to change the minds of nor appeal to the masses; it’s not my goal, zombies are defined as being animated but they are not self-aware – hmm, can truth be stranger than fiction? You cannot awaken those who pretend or want to remain asleep. Yet everywhere I turn I see people who hunger (ha ha, a pretty funny analogy after referring to zombies, eh) for advice and help they can actually grab onto and personalize for their own purposes. For them, the status quo doesn’t cut it, they know there is more they could be doing, but unsure how to go about it. Do you want to do what everyone else is doing, standing in lines that go nowhere, being drowned in crowds of others who stand mute? Not me, no thanks and that’s where this blog comes in. So, for those who are searching for effective advice to set themselves apart, I’m glad you’re here. And by the way, if you feel compelled, I often field questions from readers by replying with a related blog entry or privately, via email.

So I’d like to take this occasion to ask something of you, the readers. If you find the information shared here to be constructive, thought provoking, perhaps even inspiring, helping to restore your own sense of purpose and self-confidence, I politely request that you share my blog page with others: friends, family, associates, your professor and especially anyone who is experiencing a trying time searching for a job – most of us know someone who is doing so. Refer it to one or more individuals seeking to enhance their options in an increasingly competitive jobs market.

Furthermore, the advice and commentary I share can also be helpful to those wishing to improve their negotiating skills when it’s time to discuss promotion, a raise, or as a way to adroitly deal with people in the workplace who bully their way around at the expense of others; check out the archives, there’s a lot of good info there. If you want even more detailed guidance readily accessible, then I suggest my handbook that is previewed on this website. One more note about the book — depending on your perspective, I’ve been told it’s an ideal instructional manual for recruiters who seek to hone their skills, as well as HR staffers and hiring managers looking for ways to more effectively interview and evaluate job applicants.

In closing, there’s always someone who thinks my advice is a little strident. If you’re not quite sure about implementing the methods I recommend, my reply is to ask what’s the worst that could happen – you might get an expression of disapproval from a minion whose coffee break you interrupted, or to be told no? I for one would rather be proactive and be clearly told “no”, so I can better focus my efforts on more productive activities, than to submit a gazillion resumes sent down a digital black hole with fingers crossed, where you have no influence and no active participation. Remember, fortune favors the bold.

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