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Welcome to my blog

If you’re looking for a job, interested in making a job change or just plain curious about better navigating the bureaucracy involved with the interview process, then you’re in the right place for straight talk and commentary. Here you’ll find advice you can use. Everywhere I look I see watered down, generic vanilla pabulum, meant for the herd mentality. Whether it is on media sites or the blogosphere, there is no shortage of empty commentary, most of which rings hollow and doesn’t do much to provide you with truly impactful advice. Indeed there are some who have a helpful perspective grounded in experience. But far too many are quite removed and out of touch with real people struggling to find their way in the current difficult jobs market.
Many people are frustrated and they imagine that there must be more they can do than only submit to a process that refers them to a website, send an electronic version of their resume down a virtual black hole and await the privilege of a reply – most likely in electronic form. Well, there are alternatives and there are ways to help yourself in the process of which you are a physical part.
The current state of affairs is frustrating not only to job seekers but also to conscientious company folks in management and HR ranks. They also recognize there is something not quite right in the state of affairs. Unfortunately I don’t see much, if any, critique out there of the devolution of human interaction in the hiring and screening process.
And what about the hiring process if you are selected to participate? Most people, as a matter of course, have very little understanding of the hiring process in both how to present oneself and also navigating the obstacle course that is the hiring process. And why should you, we spend most of our time working and not interviewing.
But there is hope and help, although you have to do more than the rest of those who are also competing for the same opportunities. Here – is where you start to gain an advantage for yourself.