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Whenever we represent candidates during the interview process, all resulting charges and fees are paid by the client (companies).

We do however, for those who seek additional guidance, offer individualized coaching sessions.

Personal Career Consultation


If you were able, for only the investment of a few minutes of your time, would you value some advice that could help you in real terms? If you want to empower yourself, if you possess the ambition to make constructive changes in your life - you can make that choice.

Here are 25 video segments with real-world, time-tested, valuable information encompassing the entire job search and interview process from the moment you begin to consider a new job, through and up to job offer acceptance - with additional advice about how best to resign, if you should need it. Granted, every situation varies, however, in many ways the interview process is ritualistic nonetheless and there are many aspects that are predictable, providing you with opportunities on which to capitalize. Do you know the steps to follow in order to gain a better result and maximize your chances, when compared to others?

Video 1: Opening Comment & Introduction
Video 2: The Status Quo / Resumes & CVs
Video 3: Resumes & CVs (cont'd) / Cover Letters
Video 4: Personal Preparation / Introduction to the F.A.B.
Video 5: Assembling Your Feature Accomplishment Benefit Presentation
Video 6: F.A.B. Uses (cont'd) / a "Win" - Book
Video 7: "Win" - Book (cont'd) / Looking for a Job
Video 8: Looking for a Job (cont'd) / Handling Rejection
Video 9: Overcoming Obstacles
Video 10: Be Different / 3rd Party Assistance / Hiring Trends
Video 11: Hiring Trends (cont'd) / Interview Preparation / Individuality
Video 12: Interview Tips
Video 13: Interview Tips (cont'd)
Video 14: About MONEY
Video 15: About MONEY (cont'd) / Interactive Interviewing
Video 16: Interactive Interviewing (cont'd) / Using Sales & Closing Technique
Video 17: Using Sales & Closing Technique (cont'd)
Video 18: How to "Close" the Interview
Video 19: "Closing" the Interview (cont'd), Interview Follow-up
Video 20: Follow-up (cont'd), Interview Danger Signs & Red Flags
Video 21: Interview Danger Signs & Red Flags (cont'd) / References
Video 22: How to Handle Job Offers
Video 23: Job Offers (cont'd) / How to Resign
Video 24: Resignation (cont'd) / Counter-offers
Video 25: Counter-offers (cont'd) / Closing Comments

The information in this video series was recorded during a 6 hour lecture conducted on 28 April 2014 at the University of New York in Prague (UNYP)

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