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Direct Search Recruiting

A growing number of other recruiting services have become overly reliant on tech-related tools resulting in increased detachment from the human element necessary and essential to the placement process. We, on the other hand, employ traditional direct-search methodology with the knowledge that interacting with professionals in a direct, friendly and personal manner remains the most reliable way to attract and recruit job seekers, while representing the best interests of employers who pay our fees. Our goals are mutual satisfactory outcomes conducted with professionalism and in good faith – and we have an established track record to prove it.

Streamlined Hiring Advisory

We can assist senior management with effectively streamlining their current hiring processes. Too often, human resource processes are actually counter-productive to the company goal of attracting the best employees available.

Best Practices Advisory

We are available to conduct informal workshops, advising company managers to better trouble shoot and improve their ability to interview and evaluate potential employees.

Outplacement Advisory

We can conduct workshops for outplaced employees, providing them real and useful advice to better help and empower themselves, by aiding companies during this transition.

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