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Our Director, Michael Mayher, is available for presentations, lectures, workshops and panel discussions for the following groups:

  • Companies & management groups
  • Human Resources
  • Academic institutions
  • Student groups
  • Trade Shows and job fairs
  • Media outlets

Examples of discussion topics:

  • 90% smoke & 10% horsepower: Current conventional hiring methods and processes are failing to attract the professionals companies most want to hire. Learn where to adjust practices to obtain improved results.
  • Here and there: Comparison of business styles and conduct: Central / Eastern Europe vs. North America (an overview).
  • Up your game: How job seekers can transform themselves to become a more desirable interviewee; what works and what does not.
  • Lost knowledge: The sobering truth is that most people have lost their own inherent ability to help themselves (find work). Rediscover methods for re-empowerment and self-sufficiency, beginning today.
  • Managers in need: It's not only about job seekers who lack interviewing skills; many managers equally lack an understanding of the hiring process they are supposed to be managing, resulting in lost time and missed opportunities.
  • It's the little things: Learn what every person can do (but most don't) which can help you to win the day and make a difference.
  • Brave new world: How to cope with the new normal, navigating to meet and beat challenges of the jobs market.
  • Human Resource failings: Why HR recruiting and hiring efforts are increasingly falling short of Management's expectations and how to fix it for the good of the overall organization.

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